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Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Can Jesus not be omniscient, yet still God? A huge problem for Trinitarians

Can Jesus not be omniscient, yet still God? 
A huge problem for Trinitarians

"But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father."  Mark 13:32.

Recent predictions of Jesus' return to the earth, has brought up an interesting question:  If Jesus was God (which if you profess to believe in the doctrine of the Trinity, you indeed believe that Jesus is "very and fully God"), then how could Jesus, the Son of God, NOT know when he was returning? 

The Bible teaches clearly that the Almighty God, Yahweh, knows everything.  So it stands to reason, if Jesus was the Almighty God, then he should  have known when he was coming back, yet he admitted that he was ignorant of this piece of information and knowledge!

This definitely presents a huge problem for Trinitarians to explain, to reconcile that Jesus may not be omniscient [all knowing], while still supposedly Yahweh.

Pro Golfer and Theologian, Kermit Zarley, discusses this dilemma in his book entitled, "The Restitution of Jesus Christ," and I have heard him say that this was one of the first things that he struggled with, when he was a Trinitarian. "Did Jesus know, but lie about knowing," he wondered.  After much research, study and wrestling with who Jesus was and is, he came to the conclusion:
that Jesus was not God Almighty.

Some Trinitarians attempt to come to terms with this problem by applying the "dual nature of Jesus" method that "Jesus did not know in his human nature, but he did know in his 'godhead' or 'divine nature.' " For Jesus to be ignorant of the time of his return is explained with this theory that is not found anywhere in Scripture.  To believe that Jesus had dual natures, with two different minds that did not communicate these important facts with one another, is a bit like creating a schizophrenic god-man, who if he was God, pretended not to know, or failed to talk with the other side of himself.  Either way, it's quite troubling, even for Trini's to adhere to.

Another explanation is that the Father did not want the Son to know yet, but would inform him at a later time (Augustine's view).  However, according to Trini's belief, Jesus is 'the man' while the "Son" is the eternal godhead part.  In Mark 13:32, Jesus refers to himself, explicitly as "The Son." Therefore, the eternal godhead Son part of his dual nature, did not know and was not informed, and to assume the Son would be told 'later' by the Father, is to assume that the Father knew more than the Son, which goes against the "co-equal" requirement of the Trinitarian creed.

Oh what havoc the Trinity doctrine has created in Christianity!  

  • For there is one simple solution: 
  • to believe that Jesus is the SON of GOD, but not God.  
  • To believe that the Father alone, is God.  
  • His Name is Yahweh,
    the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

To try to make God into a three-person godhead, creates so many holes and inconsistencies with Scripture, that those who have a mind to question what they are being taught in their churches, will just shake their head at such nonsense and walk away from the church, to become isolated believers of Jesus Christ on their own.  It's terribly sad.  For if one stands up and begins to question this precious Trinity doctrine, you will be quickly made to "accept this by faith, since we cannot understand God and His thoughts are higher than ours" or shown the door.  I believe in this instance, that man's thoughts have become higher than God's in their own minds.  Rather than to accept simple Scripture, they have convoluted it, added to it, and made their creeds higher than God's. Dare question their thoughts, and you're in huge trouble.  Thankfully, we are no longer in a century when we are killed, burned at the stake, or our houses burned, for standing up for the belief in one God, alone!

John 17:3 says it well:
"This is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, 
and Jesus Christ whom You have sent."

Jesus is praying to his heavenly Father "YOU, the ONLY TRUE GOD"!  

This is ETERNAL LIFE that we may know our God - YOU, the only True God!  
and JESUS CHRIST, whom YOU [Almighty God, Yahweh] sent to us!

Until the Church gets this right, we will continue to wrestle and struggle with what we are asked to believe.
It is not so difficult, if we just believe the words of the man, Jesus, himself!

Let us be true followers of Jesus, who GOD has made both "Lord and Christ" (Acts 2:36.).  Let us go back to the Jesus that is found in Scripture and rid ourselves of the creeds that have shackled and handicapped the church for far too long.  Let there be a cry out for truth across our great land, and let this be a time of a great awakening to who we are to be following:

  1. Christ Jesus, the Son of God or 
  2. Jesus, "the dual-natured, 2nd person god-man of a tri-headed god".  
I choose (1.) the Jesus of the Bible, the Son of God, my lord, my soon-coming messiah, my savior and redeemer, to whom I will place my trust.

What about you?

This is not my original work.
This is based on an article found on the Net.