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a fitting epithet to who Jesus (or Yeshua) is!

Here, I attempt to present the Apostolic Truths according to the Scriptures, that there is
One GOD, the Father, namely, YAHWEH,
and One Lord, GOD's only begotten Son,
Yeshua the Messiah.

And that one day YAHWEH will send His Son back to Earth to inaugurate the Everlasting Kingdom of GOD


Friday, November 16, 2012

Jesus Christ, the Son of David, Son of Abraham, Son of Adam, Son of God

Whilst surfing the Net I came across this excellent article about who Jesus is!
(Some editing has been done) :-

Jesus Christ, the Son of David, Son of Abraham, Son of Adam, Son of God

Luke 3.23-38 - There’s no mistaking, when we read these verses, that Jesus Christ was someone that is most definitely human, and someone who came from a very distinct line of other human beings going back as far as the first man Adam.

Moses said that someone would come after him in the future and that this person that would come would be someone that would be “coming out from the midst of his own people” [Israel] and it was this person that Israel should listen to. -  Deut. 18.15,18-19

It would be this “person” that would build the Temple and House that Nathan had spoken to David about. This person that would “issue” out of David, and would have his House and Throne confirmed “forever”.
 - 2 Sam. 7.12-13

God would be this “person's” Father and his God, and this “person” would be God’s [Yahweh’s] son.
 - 2 Sam 7.14

This “person” would sit on the throne of David his father “forever”. - Luke 1.32-33

If David, Abraham and Adam were “human fathers” of this person, how could this person be God? How could God have a human father? To think such would not only be very Gnostic indeed, but also very erroneous and dangerous.

This “person” is no one other than Jesus Christ the “Human Messiah”. He is “the Lamb of God” that takes away the sin of the world, i.e. Christ was “the means” by which God was going to set things right in the “New Creation” over which this “person” Jesus would rule.

Whilst here upon the Earth, Christ at no time ever made any references to being in Heaven prior to his coming into existence here on the Earth. Christ also made no mention of ever having any part in any of the Genesis creative works.

Christ said that God his Father is the One that was Greater than him. - John 14.28

Christ was someone that was sent to declare the “truth” about God and His Kingdom of Heaven that would  one day rule here upon the Earth.

While God is “all powerful” and “never stops working” - In contrast, in order for Christ to do anything he had to pray for the power to do it. Prior to raising Lazarus, Christ thanked God his Father for hearing him.
- John 11.41-42

If Jesus was God why would he need to pray to himself for power to do anything? Christ also said that there was One in Heaven that was Greater than him. If Jesus is God as many claim, does this mean that there was someone else even Greater in Heaven than Jesus who was supposedly God here on the Earth, when he said this?

If Jesus was God, when Jesus was dying, and when he cried out, “Eli, Eli” [My God, My God]; then who was Jesus who is supposedly God, crying out to?

Scripture says that Christ sits at the right hand of God the Father, and that he acts in the role of “mediator” between God and man
[1 Tim. 2.5] as High Priest. If Jesus was God, how could he sit at his own right hand and act as a mediator between himself and mankind? How could anyone mediate for themselves? A “mediator” is someone that is usually a “middle man” that acts between two parties.


When the people were in expectation of the Messiah, they were in expectation of a “Great Human Political Leader” that was being sent to deliver Israel. It’s doubtful, that when Jesus was visited by Nicodemus under the cover of darkness, that Nicodemus was in expectation of God coming to the Earth. Nicodemus rather stated that Jesus was indeed “sent” by God for no one could do the things he was doing unless God was with him. - John 3.2

Jesus at no time ever spoke of being in Heaven prior to his existence here upon the Earth, he never said he was God, and never said he was the archangel Michael either.

If Jesus was God then why did he say that he could pray to his Father for 12 legions of angels to come to his assistance? - Matt. 26.53 If Jesus was God why would he need to rely on the power of angels if he was indeed God the Almighty? Surely, being God, he would not need to rely on the power of anyone or anything to come to his assistance?

Jesus was a man, and like all other men he felt pain, he got tired, he got hungry, he laughed, he cried and he even got angry. Jesus, like all other men, came into existence like all other men (i.e. in the womb of their mothers), except that he had God for his Father. He was not begotten at the beginning of the Universe or creation, but on the day that the power [Spirit] of God overshadowed Mary. It was then that Jesus came into existence. It was then that Jesus was begotten [fathered] by God. - Luke 1.35

The Spirit is not a person, and doesn’t have a name. The Spirit is God’s [Yahweh’s] power by which He extends Himself throughout the Universe and to His creation in getting His work done.

Jesus was the word [Dabar/Logos] of God that became flesh at the appointed time for him to come into existence. - John 1.14, Gal. 4.4
'Word' [Dabar/Logos] means a command or order followed by an action. It was this [Dabar/Logos] that was in existence before Abraham was, in that it was this [Dabar/Logos] that was the plan of God that would play a key role in the coming New Creation of the New Heavens and New Earth over which Jesus Christ would rule. Jesus Christ is the “seed” of the woman that would accomplish all that God has promised to do. - Gen. 3.15

Jesus Christ was who he said he was, God’s [Yahweh’s] son [John 10.36], and nothing else, and when Christ performed miracles, the people glorified God [Matt. 9.8, Luke 7.16], and when Jesus performed these miracles, it could be seen by the people that God was among His people in all that Christ [Immanuel] was doing, saying and indeed performing in God’s name. - Luke 7.16, Acts 2.22, 10.38

Jesus Christ is the Human Messiah and the only begotten [directly fathered] Son of God. He is the Human Messiah that not only came from a very distinct Royal Line, but someone that came from a whole line of other humans that can be traced back to Adam.

This is Jesus the Christ that “came” in the flesh. - 1 John 2.22, 2 John 7.

He is the same Jesus the Christ that “went” to his Father [John 13.3], and he is the Human Messiah that many wait on now in the full hope of him coming again to fulfill all that had been prophesied by all the Prophets. - Acts 3.20-21

He is the Human Messiah and nothing more or less than what is stated and has been written about him.